Superior vibration isolation

Isomount stainless steel vibration isolators offer the simplest and most economical way to keep machine vibration and noise from affecting the building, nearby equipment, and personnel and to keep uncontrolled building vibrations from affecting the operation and accuracy of precision equipment. Our food grade and medical machinery vibration mounts provide stability without compromising cleanliness.



Machine Tools


Polyurethane Pads

The vibration-absorbing element in Isomount vibration isolators is specially compounded moulded chemical-resistant polyurethane. This material—an Isomount innovation—affords a unique combination of load-carrying capacity and motion-absorbing characteristics. It resists the action of greases, oils, cutting fluids, and detergents—and it will not support bacterial or fungal growth.

303 Stainless Steel

For applications in which the cleanliness and inertness properties of polyurethane are important. All Isomount vibration isolators with all metal parts of stainless steel—the only stock vibration mounts available with it’s desirable optional feature. This construction is particularly valuable in food processing and pharmaceutical plants and laboratories, and in “Clean rooms” and other applications where floors are regularly scrubbed and washed.